Allright then, started with this a long time ago! The idea was that it will be a medley of the songs Crockets Theme, Deep Blue Sea and Hummel Gets The Rockets. So far, only the first two songs, and there’s no guitar on song number 2.

Crockets Theme comes from a MIDI song that I misplaced who made the original. But I doubt anyone will recognize it because it’s kind of mangleded.

I imported this project to Propellerheads Record after having been a Cubase project from start with Reason over ReWire.

I’ve also recorded my Alesis 6HD and the low fat analog synth sounds come from my Yamaha S90. It’s also the S90 that’s the strings for the most part in song number 2.

Pretty crappy guitar playing over all. I’m no guitar virtuoso … yet;)

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